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Alooooha Mexico!

Oh wait…I mean Hooola Mexico!

To the left behold Pueblo Bonito at Emerald Bay in Mazatlan.  I will be spending the next week there.  The forecast calls for 60-80 degree weather – 

This will be the first stamp in my passport and my first week-long vacation in about 2 years.  My husband’s sister and aunt have adjoining timeshares and we’ve been fortunate enough to tag along.  We plan on spending one day at an orphanage and aside from that, we’ll all be splitting up and doing our own thing.  R&R, which for me means reading and relaxation.  I should add a P in there for photogrpahy.  I’m sure to take loads of photos, and I hope to take some quality shots amidst them.  My husband is bringing an entire suitcase of food allowing me to eat enough Mexican for two. 

May I not get food poisoning, parasites, or strung by a jellyfish (once in my life was enough, but that’s another story).   Or robbed…I’d like to not get robbed…


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