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So perhaps working 40 hours a week, trying to get your real estate license for work, and taking to classes each with a lab was not the best idea.  I mean, come on.  It’s really cutting into my reading and relaxation time, not to mention eating my gas.  When you’re an adult doing night classes, you get the pleasure of driving to multiple campuses. 

It really makes me feel old and not to mention kind of dumb when I’m sitting in these introductory classes with these trendy, skater kids just out of high school – in some cases, the class is being held AT a high school…  Gah.  What was I thinking?  Easpecially since I am definately not trendy anymore.  I come in my “business casual” wear from work for goodness sake.  Gone are the days when I would wear clothing laden with hip sayings, logos, or brand names.  Gone are the days when I could wear 75 cent Goodwill tees, jeans from a roomate, and flip flops regardless of the weather because they were comfortable. I can say I never wore ill fitting clothing.  I always went for comfort…(but “style” and image came in a close second…)

And I’m only 24.  Sometimes I think I should post something on the discussion board that says “Hey!  Quit making me feel old with your sleepy, devil-may-care attitudes and your Uggs and Juicy jeans and clothes you bought at Amy Surplus because it’s the new fashion!” 

And then I just feel even older.  Where’s my rocking chair and shotgun so I can go harass the neighbor kids on my front porch?!  Give me my cane!  Give me my walker!


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Why is it, that more effort doesn’t necessarily lead to better results? It works in chemistry.

More reactant yields more product. More product = more reactant. Not so in life
Here’s how it goes down
You don’t study. You fail.
So you study.

And you fail.

You decide not to study for 2 reasons:

In a practical sense, we’re all lazy and we’re all driven by immediate results. If it doesn’t get you anything, why do it?

Emotionally, if you really work at something and it doesn’t work out, there’s no excuse for you. What’s left but to say, “Oh. I must be stupid. I must be inadequate.” And so you stop trying so at least you can say it’s for lack of effort and not lack of intelligence, talent, or ability.


You continue to study for the same reasons. So you can say you’re not lazy. So you can say ir wasn’t for lack of hard work. Essentially, so you can say you’re stupid. Which, incidentally, means it isn’t really your fault.

It’s so easy to get caught thinking in catch-22’s like this. But really, in the end, yuo have to do what makes you happy. What makes you feel good about yourself. I think depression is becoming so rampant because people are beginning to think like this. Society creates these fictitious heroes for us — images, not people, that we can scarcely ever hope to live up to…people who probably aren’t even happy with themselves.

What’s so sad is that it is entirely possible to be content and love yourself. When you love someone else you love despite faults. You can try to help them improve, but you focus on their good points. Why is it so hard to do the same for ourself? Why has self-love become a synonym for egotism?

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