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The drawing to the left is entitled “She is My Sunshine”.

The artist is Sam Brown out of Denver, Colorado.  I stumbled upon his work at Exploding Dog through a friend a few years ago and fell in love with the art.  The drawings have a simple aesthetic appeal but what I love most about them is their ability to capture very specific emotions.  Each drawing has a little title like, “since when did you have lazer eyes?” or “without you i am completely incomplete”.   One is called “I’d slay a dragon for you” and the drawing says “but why?”. 

So much of emotion is a moment.  You may have a thousand sad or melancholoy moments but each one is a little different; aach happy moment is tender in its own way.  And that’s what resonates with me – many of these quirky pieces of art have a universal appeal to them.  They might be kind of weird but you “get it” for lack of a better phrase.  People can send in ideas for him to draw –

Go forth and explode!  I mean explore…


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Movies & Moving

Warning – there is a spoiler about Into the Wild

Over the weekend I was able to see Into the Wild and Martian Child.  The former, was a very long and scenically beautiful movie. It had some wonderfully poignant moments when the main character really connects with nature and more importantly with people around him.  The ending scenes, however, as he slowly starves to death, left me a little disturbed and just feeling kind of awful at the end.  I couldn’t figure out why, but I think it has to with the fact that when he finally reaches clarity and finds the “truth” he so desperately seeks, there is no hope.  He’s dying and will never get to employ the lesson.  Does he regret it or does he feel that without the final journey into death, his lesson about happiness would have remained unlearned?  Was it worth it to him?  I can’t say – but the seeming futility of his final days really left me feeling a but empty, instead of inspired by the “truth” he learned.  I ended up thinking primarily on his death rather than exploring the other 2 hours of film where you could really think about how pure his relationships were with the people he met when things weren’t founded on things and life wasn’t spent interrupted by cell phones and stop lights.  But I think that is a bit just me – I have a hard time to imagining myself in the situation of characters and the ending scenes were perhaps jut a little too intense for my psyche to handle?  Overall, I loved the soundtrack, loved seeing his travels, the life of a vagadond, and the people he met, but the psychological ramifications of going through the end of life as he did left me feeling a little hollow inside.

Martian Child was a movie that I enjoyed.  I like John Cusack in general, but I thought the movie was a nice “feel-good” film.  Yes, it’s fairly predictable with moments where I had to remind myself that it was a movie, and wraps up tidily – but I still enjoyed it.  It did a good job of not giving you characters you saw a good or bad – while sometimes you were frustrated with the adoption board, the boy, John Cusack, it was only in the mild way you would feel for someone you care for and believe to have good intentions.  And you know what?  There is nothing wrong with enjoying a good, clean, film with a happy ending. 

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Mr Pitiful by Matt Costa

It begins with an infectious, circus-like few bars that and turns into an all out infectious, original sounding tune.  It’s one of those songs that gets stuck in your head and whether you know it or not, you’re bouncing along by the end.  His music, from what I’ve heard, has this great southern twang and jazzy feel all the while still paying homage to the indie.

Check it out on his MySpace – http://www.myspace.com/mattcostamusic

His voice reminds me of someone else, but I can’t think who. Any ideas?

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Wow.  I’ve been so busy this past week or two – I practically forgot I had a blog!  We’ve been having snowstorms just about every other day, but this weekend is finally going to warm up.  We’re going to look at a house we saw For Sale by Owner and if we like it, we might talk to a mortgage lender.  I’m terrified at the prospect of making such a large purchase – all sorts of doubts and what-ifs…  Anyone else bought a home? 

How did you know it was a good choice?  Did you ever have regrets afterward – wish yuo bought a larger, smaller, more expensive, less expensive, or another home you might have seen?  We’re still only “browsing” since we live in an effing cheap apartment, but we are tripping all over eachother in our one bedroom place!

Also, next time I hope to get a review of Juno on here.  Here’s a sneak peak:  Love it!!!

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Band of Horses is a group I’d really like to hear more of.  I recently heard a couple songs by them and found their music hypnotic and entrancing (if that’s a word).  Ethereal at time and totally soothing.   I’ve got to run to work now, but I also really need to hear the new Radiohead.  I’ve only hear You’re All I Need on the radio and want to hear more. 

Anyone else heard the new Radiohead album?  Thoughts?

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One A Day?

Over the weekend we saw “The Orphanage” and I will review it at a later date.  Because I am so short of time lately, what I will try to do is post one or 2 things I recommend every day or so.  This could be anything from shampoo or food, to movies and books.

So without further ado….(drum roll please…)

P.D James – the author of the the book turned movie “Children of Men” and mystery novellc including my current read, “A Mind to Murder”,  and the first book I read by her, “Cover Her Face”.  I find her mysteries to be more psychological and less sensational than your average dime novel.

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I rented this movie on a whim while my little sister was in town over the weekend before we drove her up to her first year of college.  A co-worker had given it glowing praise and, while I’m not usually up for the cutesy romance genre, I decided a little light weekend movie would be nice.

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying the dry wit, the quirky characters, anf of course, the pies.   The internal monologue of Keri Russell reminded me of numerous discussions I’ve had with myself – minus the pies…  The themes about fear, inadequacy, friendship, love, motherhood, and dependancy are things most can relate to.

Was it a ground breaking film?  No.  You like who you’re supposed to like and hate who you’re supposed to hate and many events are easily predicted.  It is, however, a truly entertaining, sympathetic film (particularly for the ladies, although suprisingly my husband enjoyed it as well) and I would love to have seen more of Shelley’s work had she not been murdered.

If you’re in the mood for a fun, warm, somewhat quirky, film and you’ll enjoy it.

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