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TAL. This American Life, is a documentary style radio program based out of Chicago. Each week they pick a theme and using a mixture of fictional and non-fictional characters, stories and narratives, create an addicting weekly show.

I started listening in 2001. The House on Loon Lake. I had listened to NPR all throughout high school, but never this show. There was no going back. It was love at first listen. These days I don’t catch them on the radio. I stream all of their past shows onĀ  their Web site. Some favorites include:

  • The Cruetly of Children
  • Superpowers
  • Not What I Meant

Apparently they are in league with Showtime and going to make “movies” on the small screen instead of “movies on the radio”. Luckily, the radio program is not going to be cancelled.

In any case, go forth and listen…eth… er…


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