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Snow & Stories

Well we had quite a surprise little storm yesterday.  It was supposed to be a quick moving but it ended up staying all afternoon and evening.  Some areas got 24 inches of snow – still waiting to see what the ski resorts got.

So – story time. 

#1)  I suck.

Last night, after work, I drove to a class.  The roads and traffic were terrible and it took me almost an hour for a 20 minute drive.  Get out of the car – left my keys in the ignition.  So stupid.  So I called my husband to tell him he’d have to come get me when my class ended at 7.  Get up to class…late…and everyone is standing around…no teacher…no email about cancellation…no answer on his phone.  So after 20 minutes I called my husband again to tell him to come get me.  Did I mention our second car has an expired registration and we need to go this weekend to get it inspected?  So he comes out, 45 minutes later, we both drive another 40 minutes home and get back about 8.  What a crummy way to end a day.  Boy did I feel stupid. 

#2)  True Love?

So – I got married the summer of 2006.  neither of us are really big Valentine’s Day people and I don’t think we did anything last year.  I managed to buy a card at lunch time I think.  So today, I wished the husband a perfuctory Happy Valentine’s Day.  His response was, “Hmph.  I think I love you a little less today than all the other days in the year just because it’s Valentines.”  I had to laugh because I totally know what he means. 


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