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So perhaps working 40 hours a week, trying to get your real estate license for work, and taking to classes each with a lab was not the best idea.  I mean, come on.  It’s really cutting into my reading and relaxation time, not to mention eating my gas.  When you’re an adult doing night classes, you get the pleasure of driving to multiple campuses. 

It really makes me feel old and not to mention kind of dumb when I’m sitting in these introductory classes with these trendy, skater kids just out of high school – in some cases, the class is being held AT a high school…  Gah.  What was I thinking?  Easpecially since I am definately not trendy anymore.  I come in my “business casual” wear from work for goodness sake.  Gone are the days when I would wear clothing laden with hip sayings, logos, or brand names.  Gone are the days when I could wear 75 cent Goodwill tees, jeans from a roomate, and flip flops regardless of the weather because they were comfortable. I can say I never wore ill fitting clothing.  I always went for comfort…(but “style” and image came in a close second…)

And I’m only 24.  Sometimes I think I should post something on the discussion board that says “Hey!  Quit making me feel old with your sleepy, devil-may-care attitudes and your Uggs and Juicy jeans and clothes you bought at Amy Surplus because it’s the new fashion!” 

And then I just feel even older.  Where’s my rocking chair and shotgun so I can go harass the neighbor kids on my front porch?!  Give me my cane!  Give me my walker!


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Happy New Year!

Another year goes by, but it never makes it any easier to return to work!  It’s my first “official” day in my new job position and I feel like the proverbial “fish out of water”.  I have issues with perfectionism and the stress of a potential mistake around every corner is just completely unnerving; it’s made even worse because I have some big shoes to fill. 

As far as New Year’s activities, I kept it mostly low key.  In fact, I did very little.  The husband was sick with a cold the past week and so we played a lot of Xbox, ate a lot of fat and sugar, slept, watched movies (The Kingdom – review to follow) and ran a few select errands including a trip to the fabric store so I could start a quilt. 

We also watched FOOTBALL.  This Bowl, that Bowl, the other Bowl…  Unfortunately, most of them weren’t too exciting.  I was expecially sad about the Hawaii/Georgia match-up, or should I say mis-match.  Poor Hawaii.  The opening flags really set teh tone of what was to come.  In all fairness, I think they were not on their game.  While I don’t think they stood much chance of winning, they also did not play to the best of their ability.  To Georgia’s credit, they played well, especially defensively – but I am now decidedly against them.  I couldn’t believe they called a challenge on a non-goal play with 30 seconds left in the 3rd and they were up 38 to 3.  The coach looked so smug the entire time the play was being reviewed… I just don’t think it was necessary.  But what do I know – I only started watching football a few years ago.

Gah.  Lunch is over – but I promise to review The Kingdom later.

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New diet pogram?


Sometimes I could just kick myself.  I have a difficult time turning down new opportunities, despite my inner panic and fear of teh unknown, and starting this new position is making me frantic.  I need a sign hung in front of my face that says “DO NOT PANIC”.  I like order, routine, knowing what I need to do and doing it well.  Every new job position brings stress and I know in the end it will be wroth it – I’ll work hard and soon it’ll be old hat, but still…  I always have the nseaky suspicion that maybe this job will be the limit of my abilities, you know?

It’s something we all face and need to overcome – which is why I always say yes when presented with new chances to learn and grow.  But why does it always have to be so painful? 

On the flip side, the stress always leads to weight loss when I begin new things.  The last job position here in this office lost me 8 pounds!

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Candy Making

Me: “These homemade caramels are so good!”
Aunt-in-Law: “They are so easy too! A microwave recipe!”
Me: “Post it on the family blog and I will make them as co-worker gifts!”

They were easy enough to make.  Mix, nuke for 7 minutes, stir, nuke for 7 more minutes – let cool, then cut.

It’s the “then cut” part that proved to be more difficult than expected. First, it was too runny. but too hard after a night in the fridge.  Now I think I have a blister on my pointer finger from trying to scoop out candy-sized pieces.  I think she forgot to mention “pour into a shallow pan before attempting to cut”.

When the hubby’s aunt made them, they were soft, but all in one piece, round and smooth, and NOT stuck to the wax paper. Mine were extremely irregular in shape, with string of caramel everywhere, and definately STUCK to the wax paper. Clearly I bought an inferior brand. That’ll teach me to buy the inexpensive brand!

Next year? I’m going back to spiced nuts. Take pecans, rolls in egg white and spread on a cookies sheet, cover and roll in cinnamon sugar mix, and bake on a low temperature. Better yet – I’m going to buy ready-made items. None of this homemade-schmomade stuff anymore!


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The Golden Compass

Another book turned film!  I read the trilogy by Philip Pullman a few years ago and I remember little of the second and third books.  Fortunately, I retained a fair amount from the first book – the inspiration for the film.

I was extremely interested in seeing this film for a couple reasons; first being that  I’d read the books and second the whole Pullman controversy.   I am Christian.  In fact – I hope this doesn’t deter the very few readers I have – I am Mormon and I was really shocked when the whole athiest, anti-Pullman rhetoric began.  Although my personal beliefs probably influenced the way I interpreted what Pullman wrote, I never felt that the book was trying to persuade me against God.  I could definately see the anti-organized religion overtones, but that idea is touted by both athiests and believers in a higher power.

Now to the film…


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After finishing this sequel to Caleb Carr’s The Alienist, I started thinking. In both novels,  characters lose loved ones suddenly and prematurely. I found myself tearing up (on the inside only, of course) and wondering why themes of loss “appeal” to me; loss of love, innocence, childhood. 

Maybe it’s an Asian thing.  I was adopted and raised by Americans from birth, but perhaps my genetics are calling out to me.  After all, I swear that 9 out of 10 Asian movies end with some massive self-sacrifice or irreplaceable loss, and very rarely does the guy ever really “get” the girl without one of them dying.  Maybe it’s a basic human fascination; think Shakespearean tragedy, soap operas, even popular music themes.

I call it “The Wonder Year’s” feeling.  Whenever I watched that show as a kid, I felt something that I couldn’t place, even during happy episodes. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote “I don’t to repeat my innocence.  I want the pleasure of losing it again” in This Side of Paradise.

Looking back, I realize it was a melancholy and nostalgia; the growing pains of growing up. However, it only appeals to me when given closure. What really resonates with me is seeing something productive come out of the pain.  I don’t want it all to be for nothing, and maybe that’s why I keep watching movies that make me sad and reading books that make me cry.  I want…perhaps need…to see instances of people who are bruised, dirty, and limping, but gaining strength from the good that was and by letting it make you better and remembering it forever , making it the happiness that is.

All that said, here are a “few” recommendations

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape                                         
Leon, the Professional
Edward Scissorhands
Million Dollar Baby
The Cure
Blood Diamond
Life is Beautiful
Fried Green Tomatoes
Forrest Gump
The Green Mile

Blankets by Craig Thompson
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
This Side of Paradise
When the Legends Die
Bridge to Terabithia
To Kill a Mockingbird
Water for Elephants

Plans by Death Cab for Cutie
Crane Wife by The Decemberists

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