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New diet pogram?


Sometimes I could just kick myself.  I have a difficult time turning down new opportunities, despite my inner panic and fear of teh unknown, and starting this new position is making me frantic.  I need a sign hung in front of my face that says “DO NOT PANIC”.  I like order, routine, knowing what I need to do and doing it well.  Every new job position brings stress and I know in the end it will be wroth it – I’ll work hard and soon it’ll be old hat, but still…  I always have the nseaky suspicion that maybe this job will be the limit of my abilities, you know?

It’s something we all face and need to overcome – which is why I always say yes when presented with new chances to learn and grow.  But why does it always have to be so painful? 

On the flip side, the stress always leads to weight loss when I begin new things.  The last job position here in this office lost me 8 pounds!


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