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Snow & Stories

Well we had quite a surprise little storm yesterday.  It was supposed to be a quick moving but it ended up staying all afternoon and evening.  Some areas got 24 inches of snow – still waiting to see what the ski resorts got.

So – story time. 

#1)  I suck.

Last night, after work, I drove to a class.  The roads and traffic were terrible and it took me almost an hour for a 20 minute drive.  Get out of the car – left my keys in the ignition.  So stupid.  So I called my husband to tell him he’d have to come get me when my class ended at 7.  Get up to class…late…and everyone is standing around…no teacher…no email about cancellation…no answer on his phone.  So after 20 minutes I called my husband again to tell him to come get me.  Did I mention our second car has an expired registration and we need to go this weekend to get it inspected?  So he comes out, 45 minutes later, we both drive another 40 minutes home and get back about 8.  What a crummy way to end a day.  Boy did I feel stupid. 

#2)  True Love?

So – I got married the summer of 2006.  neither of us are really big Valentine’s Day people and I don’t think we did anything last year.  I managed to buy a card at lunch time I think.  So today, I wished the husband a perfuctory Happy Valentine’s Day.  His response was, “Hmph.  I think I love you a little less today than all the other days in the year just because it’s Valentines.”  I had to laugh because I totally know what he means. 


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Good Things

Valtrex because I have herpes.

And by herpes, I mean cold sores.  I can thank stress and a cut on my lip for this aesthetic nightmare.  It’s the weirdest burning itching sensation on my lip and I end up feeling like some sort of monster.  Valtrex, 2 taken at the first sign and 2 taken 12 hours later usually prevents it from developing, but this time it didn’t.  I’m hoping at the least it will shorten the recovery period and lessen the symptoms. 

If you have cold sores, talk to YOU doctor today about Valtrex.  (Repeat this with the deep voice man from all pharmacuetical commercials.)

Today’s more useful recommendation is Tae Guk Gi a Korean war movie.  I have only seen half of it, but have been totally engrossed in it.  It’s gory, but there is enough humanity within the bounds of the story that you don’t just feel icky and wish you’d never started it.  It’s kind of a heart-wrenching story thus far, but I can’t wait to see the rest,

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Knowing Your Destination

Directions of “take this exit then go right – then left” are NOT good directions to take if you are directionally challenged like myself.  Also, forgetting your cell phone at home when you might get lost.  This is also a bad thing.  Don’t do it.

Today’s reccomendation is to know the exact address of your destination so when you stop for direction you don’t have to tell them you’re stupid as well as lost.

Also – DEATH CAB for CUTIE!  A new album in May.  Check out their older stuff.  I especially like the songs Photobooth & Title & Registration, but you really can’t go wrong with them.  If you’re in for something else indie, try WILCO

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So perhaps working 40 hours a week, trying to get your real estate license for work, and taking to classes each with a lab was not the best idea.  I mean, come on.  It’s really cutting into my reading and relaxation time, not to mention eating my gas.  When you’re an adult doing night classes, you get the pleasure of driving to multiple campuses. 

It really makes me feel old and not to mention kind of dumb when I’m sitting in these introductory classes with these trendy, skater kids just out of high school – in some cases, the class is being held AT a high school…  Gah.  What was I thinking?  Easpecially since I am definately not trendy anymore.  I come in my “business casual” wear from work for goodness sake.  Gone are the days when I would wear clothing laden with hip sayings, logos, or brand names.  Gone are the days when I could wear 75 cent Goodwill tees, jeans from a roomate, and flip flops regardless of the weather because they were comfortable. I can say I never wore ill fitting clothing.  I always went for comfort…(but “style” and image came in a close second…)

And I’m only 24.  Sometimes I think I should post something on the discussion board that says “Hey!  Quit making me feel old with your sleepy, devil-may-care attitudes and your Uggs and Juicy jeans and clothes you bought at Amy Surplus because it’s the new fashion!” 

And then I just feel even older.  Where’s my rocking chair and shotgun so I can go harass the neighbor kids on my front porch?!  Give me my cane!  Give me my walker!

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A Quickie…

This is a pre-posting post.  It lets you know that a post is forthcoming and it will be a review of the controversial movie “The Golden Compass”.

It’ll be a pretty long one so pony up and get yourselves rearin’ to go.  I don’t think that’s the “correct” use of the phrase pony up, but hey.  You can’t be perfect, right?

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Radio from Hell

Good for what ails ya’ during the Writer’s Guild Strike. 


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