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Candy Making

Me: “These homemade caramels are so good!”
Aunt-in-Law: “They are so easy too! A microwave recipe!”
Me: “Post it on the family blog and I will make them as co-worker gifts!”

They were easy enough to make.  Mix, nuke for 7 minutes, stir, nuke for 7 more minutes – let cool, then cut.

It’s the “then cut” part that proved to be more difficult than expected. First, it was too runny. but too hard after a night in the fridge.  Now I think I have a blister on my pointer finger from trying to scoop out candy-sized pieces.  I think she forgot to mention “pour into a shallow pan before attempting to cut”.

When the hubby’s aunt made them, they were soft, but all in one piece, round and smooth, and NOT stuck to the wax paper. Mine were extremely irregular in shape, with string of caramel everywhere, and definately STUCK to the wax paper. Clearly I bought an inferior brand. That’ll teach me to buy the inexpensive brand!

Next year? I’m going back to spiced nuts. Take pecans, rolls in egg white and spread on a cookies sheet, cover and roll in cinnamon sugar mix, and bake on a low temperature. Better yet – I’m going to buy ready-made items. None of this homemade-schmomade stuff anymore!



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