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Racing Positions!

This is me – skiing for the first time since 8th grade, with my 7 year old nephew.  Look!  We’re the same size!!

This was on Christmas Eve…  Basically what I’m telling you is that I’m having trouble getting time to post about The Kingdom and this is a little filler post. Imagine, not having time (at work) to post!

Also, tickle me pink (maybe not, I have a habit of vomiting if tickled too much), the underdog won the Fiesta Bowl by a landslide.  Gooooooooo WV Mountaineers!




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Happy New Year!

Another year goes by, but it never makes it any easier to return to work!  It’s my first “official” day in my new job position and I feel like the proverbial “fish out of water”.  I have issues with perfectionism and the stress of a potential mistake around every corner is just completely unnerving; it’s made even worse because I have some big shoes to fill. 

As far as New Year’s activities, I kept it mostly low key.  In fact, I did very little.  The husband was sick with a cold the past week and so we played a lot of Xbox, ate a lot of fat and sugar, slept, watched movies (The Kingdom – review to follow) and ran a few select errands including a trip to the fabric store so I could start a quilt. 

We also watched FOOTBALL.  This Bowl, that Bowl, the other Bowl…  Unfortunately, most of them weren’t too exciting.  I was expecially sad about the Hawaii/Georgia match-up, or should I say mis-match.  Poor Hawaii.  The opening flags really set teh tone of what was to come.  In all fairness, I think they were not on their game.  While I don’t think they stood much chance of winning, they also did not play to the best of their ability.  To Georgia’s credit, they played well, especially defensively – but I am now decidedly against them.  I couldn’t believe they called a challenge on a non-goal play with 30 seconds left in the 3rd and they were up 38 to 3.  The coach looked so smug the entire time the play was being reviewed… I just don’t think it was necessary.  But what do I know – I only started watching football a few years ago.

Gah.  Lunch is over – but I promise to review The Kingdom later.

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