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Computer Sabotage

I finally burned all my digital photos onto DVD’s last month, but whadd’ya know – Murphy’s Law rules supreme again!

The only photos we didn’t back up were our Mazatlan photos from Thanksgiving.  When my husband restarted the computer yesterday a mysterious “.dll” file was missing. After doing a restore our photos were the only files missing.  While we had given a partial CD of photos to his sister, we still lost about 25% of our almost 400 photos.

I have a tendency to get really broken up about stupid things like this – the futility of it all bothers me.  I have a bad habit of holding on to “coulda, woulda, shouldas”, but it’s an attitude I’ve trying to dispose of.  This brave little soldier is doing her best to dwell on what she has and not what she doesn’t have. 

So on a more thankful note, here are a few things I am grateful for.

  • The Settler’s of Catan game we bought a week ago
  • The 6″ of snow the weather people said wouldn’t come
  • NPR – National Public Radio
  • A job that afford me a little slacking time…
  • WordPress – so I don’t have to “myspace it up” with the young’ns (I like to make nouns into verbs…)

Next to come…my review of Beowolf the film.


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