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Something out of the ordinary

They sing in “Hopelandic” and Icelandic. And Hopelandic…oh…I said that…
I could have bet my bottom it was a woman singing. Good thing I didn’t really “bet my bottom”…

I’m not usually one that listen to “Ambient” music, but sometimes you just gotta rebel against yourself.

Stay tuned ’til next time, boys and girls, for something quality…



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Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie  The Decemberists

After 3 years, I’m glad to see them both gaining some mainstream popularity. Thus far, I haven’t heard any inklings of “selling out”. Their musical integrity remains intact. They have the earnest vocals and sometimes bare intrumentals that appeal to the indie crowd, but they also have a polished feel that draws in listeners from different crowds.

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