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The drawing to the left is entitled “She is My Sunshine”.

The artist is Sam Brown out of Denver, Colorado.  I stumbled upon his work at Exploding Dog through a friend a few years ago and fell in love with the art.  The drawings have a simple aesthetic appeal but what I love most about them is their ability to capture very specific emotions.  Each drawing has a little title like, “since when did you have lazer eyes?” or “without you i am completely incomplete”.   One is called “I’d slay a dragon for you” and the drawing says “but why?”. 

So much of emotion is a moment.  You may have a thousand sad or melancholoy moments but each one is a little different; aach happy moment is tender in its own way.  And that’s what resonates with me – many of these quirky pieces of art have a universal appeal to them.  They might be kind of weird but you “get it” for lack of a better phrase.  People can send in ideas for him to draw –

Go forth and explode!  I mean explore…


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