When I was growing up, my mother always told me that I could do anything I wanted if I tried hard enough.  I took that very literally.  I grew up quite a little perfectionist, always thinking 10 steps ahead, and always feeling that the only reason not to be good at something was lack of effort and laziness on my part.

Now I’m older.  Not a lot, but some, and I still have the problem of wanting to “do it all”.  I want to run a marathon, I want to ride in the LOTOJA bike race, I want to make quilts, knit, buy a home, go back to school, read a book a week, stay up on new music and media, travel the world, learn to cook, keep a clean house, keep a journal, and be a good person.  (Among other things…) 

Focusing and relaxing.  Both things that I need to work on personally and professionally.  I’m always getting worked up and overwhelmed by life and job stress.  What I need to do is focus all that negative energy on changing what can be changed instead of wasting all my time worrying.  Pick a few things, not 15.  I’m going to do LOTOJA this year, but a marathon will have to wait.  More immediately, I am going to do this stack of files, and that other stack will just have to wait when I can focus and be efficient when working on them.

It’s a lesson I’m trying to learn, but you really can do it all – you just can’t do it all at once. 


White Out!

We’ve had absolutely crazy weather today!  Winds so strong that the news people keep getting knocked back and then snow, which in combination leave you with no visibility.  It’s really very beautiful.  I’ve noticed, however, that in nature beauty is so often accompanied by danger or death.  Deadly but exotic plant ans animals…the beauty of a storm that at the same time rips through towns and kills sailors…the peace and majesty of the same mountains that kills dozens every year. 

Opposition in all things.


Band of Horses is a group I’d really like to hear more of.  I recently heard a couple songs by them and found their music hypnotic and entrancing (if that’s a word).  Ethereal at time and totally soothing.   I’ve got to run to work now, but I also really need to hear the new Radiohead.  I’ve only hear You’re All I Need on the radio and want to hear more. 

Anyone else heard the new Radiohead album?  Thoughts?

Good Things

Valtrex because I have herpes.

And by herpes, I mean cold sores.  I can thank stress and a cut on my lip for this aesthetic nightmare.  It’s the weirdest burning itching sensation on my lip and I end up feeling like some sort of monster.  Valtrex, 2 taken at the first sign and 2 taken 12 hours later usually prevents it from developing, but this time it didn’t.  I’m hoping at the least it will shorten the recovery period and lessen the symptoms. 

If you have cold sores, talk to YOU doctor today about Valtrex.  (Repeat this with the deep voice man from all pharmacuetical commercials.)

Today’s more useful recommendation is Tae Guk Gi a Korean war movie.  I have only seen half of it, but have been totally engrossed in it.  It’s gory, but there is enough humanity within the bounds of the story that you don’t just feel icky and wish you’d never started it.  It’s kind of a heart-wrenching story thus far, but I can’t wait to see the rest,

Knowing Your Destination

Directions of “take this exit then go right – then left” are NOT good directions to take if you are directionally challenged like myself.  Also, forgetting your cell phone at home when you might get lost.  This is also a bad thing.  Don’t do it.

Today’s reccomendation is to know the exact address of your destination so when you stop for direction you don’t have to tell them you’re stupid as well as lost.

Also – DEATH CAB for CUTIE!  A new album in May.  Check out their older stuff.  I especially like the songs Photobooth & Title & Registration, but you really can’t go wrong with them.  If you’re in for something else indie, try WILCO

One A Day?

Over the weekend we saw “The Orphanage” and I will review it at a later date.  Because I am so short of time lately, what I will try to do is post one or 2 things I recommend every day or so.  This could be anything from shampoo or food, to movies and books.

So without further ado….(drum roll please…)

P.D James – the author of the the book turned movie “Children of Men” and mystery novellc including my current read, “A Mind to Murder”,  and the first book I read by her, “Cover Her Face”.  I find her mysteries to be more psychological and less sensational than your average dime novel.


Wow.  I wish I could be more attentive to this site, but today I have work from 8am and won’t be home until 10pm due to school.  Life is crazy and while only the second week, this school thing is wearing me out!  Not to mention I have about 5 books I’m trying to read and workout once in a while too…

I recently got in touch with an old college roomie – or rather she got in touch with me.  It’s interesting how comforting it can be and also interesting to see where life has taken them.

I’ll try to write more later!